Mycela is a mycelium material lab, combining design with mycelium technology. We design, grow and produce materials meeting the needs of architects, engineers and builders, without compromising on environmental standards.

Based on a combination of mycelium (the root structure of fungi) and agro-industrial residues, we grow quality materials. Our materials are entirely natural and biodegradable.
Mycela is founded on the belief that by uniting nature with science and design, we can radically change the future of materials at scale.

Accelerating the transition to a circular, sustainable built environment, by transforming waste and byproducts into valuable materials and products made by fungi.

What we do

Product development
New fungi-based products. Coming soon, sign up for our newsletter below to stay tuned!
We work closely with architects and design companies on bespoke prototypes and production of interiors and objects. Get in touch if you want to explore a collaboration with us.
Mycela offers made-to-fit consultancy, in-depth lectures and hands-on workshops about fungi, novel biomaterial developments, sustainable material selection for (interior) architects, and mycelium technology. Get in touch if you want to explore our services.
Together with universities, research organizations and companies we collaborate on scientific tasks to further develop and improve the mycelium material, products and technology. The materials undergo thorough testing to ensure quality, performance and safety.

Our Team

Core team
Portrettbilde av Renée Isabel Jung
Renée Isabel JUNG
CSO, Founder
+47 980 13 666
Renée is a molecular biologist and mycologist. Her number one passion and obsession is fungi and how it can be utilized for solving many of our most challenging environmental issues. She has extensive experience working in laboratory environments and with research projects.
Renée also has several articles published, and holds engaging lectures and seminars about the magic of mushrooms.
Portrettbilde av Nina Havermans
Nina Havermans
CEO, Co-founder
+47 407 48 560
Nina has years of experience working in Oslo’s field of architecture and design as sustainability designer and interior architect. She has her design education from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Nina also co-founded BiomimicryNorway in pursuit of ecocentric practices and has broad experience with biomaterials, material design and sustainable material selection in architecture firms and design studios.
Portrettbilde av Sondre Eng
COO, Co-founder
+47 924 84 228
Sondre has an education in biology and mycology. He has extensive laboratory experience from his research position at the mycology department at the University of Oslo. Sondre is deeply devoted to the regenerative practices that the world so desperately needs, and has found mycelium to be an obvious candidate where he can fully utilize his expertise in a hands-on fashion.
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